Dear readers

Dear readers

I dedicate this post to you,  so that I may thank you for reading my blog and following me on Facebook and Instagram.

I want to tell you how and above all why it all began.

A few years ago I started feeling this urge to write. At first I began writing a book about my professional experiences but then I thought it wasn’t the right time to write about it – not yet. So, I thought, why not write a novel (loosely) based on some stories of the best years of my life? My teens, of course.

And that’s how I began writing about the adventures of a teenage girl during ten years of her life, from her early teens to the time she finishes university and – officially – becomes an adult. Along with her stories, we see her emerge from a low-esteem, awkward girl – she calls herself an “ugly duckling” – into a self confident, strong young woman who takes her life in her hands for better and for worse. We accompany her in her journey through the last years of high school and the university years; she tells us how she faces her fears, her family’s rules, the good times with her friends, how she lives her love stories and ventures into forbidden territory, how she oscillates between bliss and despair, how she sees the world that surrounds her and all the changes that are happening…most of all we follow her in her quest for love, for her “knight in shining armour”, the one she believes she will find and with whom she will live happily ever after…for all her practical side, she is a dreamer and she will pursue her dreams relentlessly. No wonder one of her favourite songs ever is John Paul Young’s “Love is in the air”.

Now that I hope I have interested you in this girl’s story, I solemnly promise that you, my readers, will be the first ones to know when my book is ready for publishing, and once it is published. I am currently working with a developmental editor who is making me work hard but who is certainly giving a huge contribution to a much better manuscript which I hope will make for some enjoyable reading moments to you all.

At a certain point, as I was writing the manuscript and telling this teenager’s story, I felt I would also like to share some of my own stories, of present and past times, and my friends’, and my family’s…in the end I felt I had so many stories to tell, that I decided to create this blog, and of course I had to name it “The many stories of a woman”, because that’s exactly what it is. Every story is true, and I find inspiration in many different sources: my own experiences, old legends, History, my travels, people talking at the cafe table next to mine, my sons’ adventures or even my friends’ happy or sad life stories…and this is what I have been sharing with you all for a year and a half now. It has been a huge pleasure, and never more than when I see your “likes” or comments – and I wholeheartedly thank you for reading me and making me feel that my stories are worth reading and my messages reach you and give you something to think about.

I will go on writing because at this point I have to admit I cannot live without it. I love writing “the many stories of a woman” for my blog (and there are so many stories to tell!), I love posting them on Facebook and looking for nice photos that more or less mirror each post’s contents. It has become an important part of my life. As you have. Some of you I already know, because you have been following me for some time. I love it when I see your reactions. You mean a lot to me. I hope I can go on writing stories that mean something to you. And, again, I promise you I’ll be sharing news about my book.

Thank you all so much for being there.